Industrial Environmental, Inc. provides an extensive portfolio of mobile dredging and dewatering solutions, with specialized capabilities in ash pond management, material transfer, coal pile runoff and lagoon and wet pond cleaning throughout North America. Remote locations are easily accessed as we strive to perform these services while the facility is online and ease the burden of an impromptu outage.

Since commencing operations in 1998, our combined management and technical expertise exceeds 83 years. Seasoned personnel are experienced in all facets of dredging and dewatering projects. Field expertise, laboratory analysis and innovative equipment are considered environmentally warranted and intergal to project management success as capacity is restored.

Each project is evaluated to determine the best environmental approach to exceed expectations, while adhering to environmental laws and regulations that affect facilities. Industrial Environmental, Inc. will work to identify the most cost efficient solution with emphasis on preserving the surrounding environment, zero tolerance accidents and minimizing liability.