Industrial Environmental Inc. maintains a diverse fleet of skid and trailer mounted dewatering equipment, i.e., filter presses, belt presses, dewatering boxes, centrifuges and customized Geotextile bags to successfully dewater various liquid sludge properties from ponds, lagoons, basins and impoundements; reducing volume and associated transportation costs involved. Our seasoned field professionals possess an intricate knowledge of chemisty and mechanics to successfully dewater a variety of sludge properties ranging from pulp and paper waste sludge, fly ash, gypsum, food processing wastes, bio-solids and storm water sediments.

When mechanical dewatering is a short-term solution and storage capacity is minimal, cutomized Geotextile bags provide dewatering capabilities at a substantial cost savings.

Dewatering can result in a filter cake with moisture levels as low as 5%, which can be land applied or transported to an approved landfill. Long-reach excavating equipment and dewatering capabilities allow us to work efficiently in areas that have limitations on both time and footprint. Specialized dewatering methods control particle size and removal of impurities.