Ash Pond Management

As utilities age, coal specifications change and space becomes limited, ash pond management has become an intregal operation of many coal-fired utilities using a wet ash slurry method for ash handling. where it is stored and how it is disposed of becomes a critical environmental decision. In many cases, a significant difference can be made in ash pond capacity by moving relatively small amounts of material to free flow and create residence time in sensitive areas. This material can also be moved and stored for beneficial recovery utilizing space created from sections of the ash pond that have already been utilized.

To meet current regulatory requirements, Industrial Environmental, Inc.uses innovative mechanical and hydraulic dredging methods to move material and manage ash. We have successfully used a mixture of bottom and fly ash to construct spoil areas on an active ash pond. This area then becomes a permanent fixture for ash management at this facility. Geotextile bags are incorporated as an economical option for temporary dike construction in areas where suitable construction material is limited.

If it's excavation of ash from an active pond or maintaining daily removal of existing ash production, Industrial Environmental, Inc. can provide project management resources through a fleet of equipment and experienced personnel to keep the site within compliance.